Friday, April 3, 2015

Update: We Are Walking on Sunday, May 3rd

After a particularly cruel winter, we have emerged from our lairs to see The Sun and start thinking about Walking again.

Some new details:

The good news on MRF general fundraising this past year is that The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation matched all donations and exceeded their commitment. The very good news for us is we found an anonymous donor to match our fundraising for our May Walk.
 The more we stretch our efforts, the more they will stretch their match.

The neuro-protective compound, that had been previously known as MRF-008, is now identified as the FDA approved drug for high blood pressure, guanabenz. The work on this drug, as to its relevancy to MS, was done by the MRF collaborating principal investigators. You and The Johnnie Walkers helped fund this work! The MRF has entered into a cooperative agreement with the National Institutes of Health to get this breakthrough out of the lab and into the pharmacy via MS human clinical studies. Since guanabenz is already FDA-approved for another disease indication, the MRF and the NIH see a tremendous opportunity to investigate the repurposing of this drug with its known safety profile. Repurposing takes years off the clinical trial protocols.

I’m excited about the fast start we’ve had already as depicted by the thermometer to the right.

Join us on Sunday, May 3rd, in Lincolnshire to Walk, Generate Awareness and Raise Monies. The details remain the same as those in the November post below.

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