Monday, May 7, 2012

A Wild and Successful Day!

The Johnnie Walkers rallied in Lincolnshire yesterday for another successful day of fundraising, raising awareness and just having a good time.  We kicked off our 4 mile walk at 10:30am and at Noon as the last of us were completing the route and turning in to the drive way the thunder clapped and the skies opened up.

We hustled the tables and chairs, food and drink, kids and dogs into the garage, under the breezeway and onto the porch and picknicked while the deluge raged around us.

We've raised just shy of $27,000 so far with more pledged to come in.

Keep checking back here and watch us hit our goal in the next weeks.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Emerson Cavos Expand The Johnnie Walkers

Through the magic of Facebook, I have reconnected with a lot of long lost friends from Emerson NJ High School, circa 1974 (you do the math!) We were the Emerson Cavaliers or The Cavos.

Al Rausa has been particularly active in re-connecting us all and specifically interested in our cause. He's now taking it to a new level by organizing Team Johnnie Walker East:
I would also like to support one of our classmates who is battling MS. Bob Gregory graduated with the Class of 74 and was diagnosed with MS in 1990. Due to an unusually fast disease progression he was in a wheelchair by 1995. I have stayed in touch via email and Facebook, he has never lost his sense of humor and courage. So, at the party on Saturday,May 18th, I will have a raffle of Louisiana food and Artwork that I am bringing back in order to raise funds for Bob’s cause (http://​ Please take a moment to checkout his website, watch the video, send him an email and help me support a fellow Cavo.

So we have quite a team; The Cavos, our loyal local walkers, our swat team who flys in, The Village Club, The MRF members and the vast countrywide network.
Makes you believe anything is possible.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Join Us on Sunday, May 6th 2012

“The Myelin Repair Foundation’s unique research approach, which facilitates collaboration among leading neurologists, has sped up the discovery process to where we are today; moving an MS therapeutic closer to the patient…” Dr. Stephen Miller, Northwestern University.

You have a front row seat to the accelerating shift in how multiple sclerosis is understood: from a chronic debilitating disease with vague hopes for future breakthroughs (my experience at diagnosis in 1990) to a manageable condition where therapeutics stop the downward spiral of deterioration and actually repair the damage.

What makes the MRF unique?

Join us and be part of our team to keep the ball rolling; walk and donate on Sunday, May 6th in Lincolnshire. At 10:30 am we will start a 4 mile neighborhood walk, followed by an afternoon of camaraderie and a backyard picnic. Ask your friends to donate.

If you can’t make the trip join our group by donating online through ChipIn or by writing a check:
The Myelin Repair Foundation
c/o Bob Gregory
10 Londonderry Lane
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

It’s tax deductible!