Thursday, May 20, 2010

SUCCESS! After a very gratifying month of fundraising, our Walk on the 16th culminated in a “perfect storm” of positive energy and results. The over 60 walkers included very generous and enthusiastic friends and family with a couple of us with MS and two of The Myelin Repair Foundation’s Principle Investigators; Drs. Steve Miller and Brian Popko. If you’re going ask people to part with their hard earned money it helps to put a face on what group is going to benefit and who is actually going to do the work to achieve the desired result: Reversing the damage caused by Multiple Sclerosis and restoring function in the shortest time frame possible. Did I mention the weather was spectacular? The financial results exceeded our high expectations. We had set a goal of raising $15,000 to be match dollar for dollar by an anonymous benefactor for a total of $30,000. We are now approaching $25,000 with a match to get to $50,000. The Johnnie Walker’s previous record was $37,000. People are still donating. Even the most hardbitten among us couldn’t help but smile ear to ear, be full of hope and overwhelmed in gratitude. Record Walkers…record donations. Can’t wait until next year. THANKS!